STRIVE Wraps Up for 2011-2012

It was an afternoon filled with smiles, tears and pride as the Rotary Club of Rosemount brought the 2011-2012 STRIVE program with Rosemount High School to an end.

“It’s been very fulfilling watching the relationships between the students and mentors grow over the months,” said Lisa Lusk, Rosemount Rotary’s STRIVE coordinator. “We had an incredibly successful year and we are so proud of everything that was accomplished.”

One by one, each of the students and the mentors made their way to the front of the group where students shared about themselves, their mentor, what they learned from the program and their plans for the future. The smiles and stories shared left a clear impression the bonds formed from the program were deep.

“I saw a lot of myself in this guy,” said Rosemount Rotary Club member Kyle Snesrud of his mentee Steven Levine. “I know that he can put his mind to whatever he accomplishes. He is a good guy. I am really proud of him.”

The highlight of the day came when a stunned and thrilled Tanya Edstrom, mentored by Rosemount Rotarian Joan Rusco, was announced the winner of a $500 scholarship for having the most improved GPA. As a humble Tanya received her award with tear-filled eyes and a grin that stretched for miles, there was nary a dry eye in the house.

“I can’t tell you how proud of her I am,” said Rusco. “She earned this, and I hope it helps her believe she really can do anything she sets her mind to if she just believes in herself.”

Following the awards, Rosemount Rotary President Denise Kniefel expressed her gratitude to Rosemount High School and the mentors for making the program possible and encouraged everyone to start thinking about the future.

“I hope we can continue to grow this program and keep making a difference for these students,” said Kniefel. “The STRIVE program embodies much of what Rotary is, and it is my hope our club can continue to make it a fixture in this community.”

The Rosemount High School seniors who participated in the program – along with their mentors – are listed below. All students received a participation plaque and those with 90% or better attendance at STRIVE meetings received a scholarship.

Student: Dominic Peterson            Mentor: Mike Johnson         Award: Participation Plaque & $500 Scholarship
Student: Megan Ubreit                   Mentor: Joan Rusco            Award: Participation Plaque
Student: Tanya Edstrom                Mentor: Tanya Edstrom        Award: Participation Plaque, $500 Scholarship, $500 Most Improved GPA Scholarship
Student: Mika Sharp                      Mentor: Erin Edlund             Award: Participation Plaque
Student: Oscar Baradi                   Mentor: Bill Droste               Award: Participation Plaque & $500 Scholarship
Student: Devyn Schulz-Johnson    Mentor: David Block            Award: Participation Plaque & $500 Scholarship
Student: Lindsey Johnson             Mentor: Laura Briggs           Award: Participation Plaque & $500 Scholarship
Student: John Le                           Mentor: Jim Friend              Award: Participation Plaque
Student: Steven Levine                 Mentor: Kyle Sensrud           Award: Participation Plaque & $500 Scholarship


Back row: Laura Briggs, Mike Johnson, Bill Droste, Joan Rusco, David Block, Jim Friend and Kyle Snesrud.
Front row: LIndsey Johnson, Dominic Peterson, Oscar Baradi, Tanya Edstrom, Devyn Schulz-Johnson and Steven Levine

About Rotary Club of Rosemount

Rosemount Rotary is a highly ethical and prestigious service club in Rosemount. We exist as a part of Rotary International to help make Rosemount a standout place to live, to work, and to play. Rotarians strive to be leaders in the community and around the world. We meet on Fridays at Noon for lunch at Fireside Restaurant (3410 150th Street).
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